Just so we're clear from the outset,  I'm not a Cannes award winning Content & Creative Director. I've won awards, just not in France. Moreover, do you have the budget for a fancy off shore creative for your next campaign, TVC, Video, Web Series, Copywriting, Treatment? Who does these days?

I've been around the block a few times. It brings experience and (hopefully) a maturity and worldly prism to my work. 

How did I get here? Well, you'd have to visit Tahoe, California and look up an orthopaedic surgeon. A Mr Dean Stites is his name. He'd just finished an open incision debridement of bone spurs on my right distal tibia.  Fancy words for my ankle was cactus. He told me to look for a new career. Snowboarding, apparently wasn't conducive to me walking past 50. 

How did I really get here though? Well it started in the back of an ochre coloured, 1983 Ford Falcon station wagon. My Father was being transferred back to Sydney. Instead of flying (like we did each Christmas whilst we lived there) to Sydney from Darwin, he wanted to drive and show us the outback. The outback we saw. But more often than not I spent long, hot, sweaty days in the back seat with my brother. It was there that I found my imagination. As Dad's country cassette tapes played through tinny speakers, I would stare out the window across red dirt and dust, watching movies in my mind. The movies were narrated by the cowboys and cowgirls, pouring their hearts out to me. Tales of hearts broken, fighting for the farm and standing by their man. 

Great storytelling is an art. It's an art I’m still trying to get better at. Why don't we try and get better together?