I'm a creative. I write strategic documents and conceptualise campaigns that my clients tell me; do the job. I’ve run production departments in advertising agencies, TV channels and publishers, meeting financial targets. I am always pitching, storyboarding, then directing commercials, content and big hype launch videos when the opportunity arises. 


My sweet spot is live action emotive story telling. I specialise in directing talent.  Seasoned professionals like Richard Roxburgh and Sports Stars, as well as kids and adults that have never been in front of a camera. 


I am a meticulous planner and constant thinker on how to improve the story. I have a strong cinematic vision; influenced by Fincher, Demme and Scorcese.


I write scripts if required and budget dependant; story boards can be commissioned. My eye for casting goes a long way to helping your customers connect with your brand.


Before your client is ready to sign off, I will provide a treatment.  This is my blueprint for the key visuals, cinematography, story markers and the general mis-en scene.

All of my treatments include:

  • A recap of the brief

  • The Idea

  • The Creative Approach

  • Synopsis

  • Visual Style

  • Graphics Treatment

  • Production Approach

  • Mood Boards

  • Digital Storyboards (if required)

  • Storyboards (Extra $50 per frame)


As a production specialist, my expertise in the creation of screen content has been crafted over 17 + years.


I started on the end of a broom and now have over 150 hours of TV content and 60 + pieces of content and TVC's to my name.


I am privileged to work with some of the best content creatives in this country. DP's who shoot feature films for Hollywood and producers who put fires out before they have a chance blow smoke.